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Be Part of The Team That Raises the B.A.R. in Tampa

  • Be Part of The Team That Raises the B.A.R. in Tampa

  • Raise the B.A.R. Florida is a coalition of Tampa’s citizens, local elected officials, business organizations, civic and community leaders, who are committed to Building Accountability & Responsibility in Tampa. When tax-dollars are invested in infrastructure and capital improvement projects, the residents throughout the City of Tampa need to be the first priority. We are the citizens that fund, build, use, and occupy these improvements, and we need to Raise the B.A.R. to ensure Accountability and Responsible contracting practices are in place. Responsible Contracting means:
    • Safety standards so construction workers make it home safely every day;
    • Giving local workers the opportunity to build their city and their career through apprenticeship programs in the construction trades;
    • Contractors that pay responsible wages and benefits can compete on a leveled bidding field, while raising area standards.
    I support Raise the B.A.R. Tampa because I believe in Building Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency on taxpayer-funded infrastructure and capital improvement projects throughout the City of Tampa. Please email a copy of your organization’s logo to
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