11 Beautiful Yellow and Black Birds (Pictures to Help You Correctly Identify)

American Goldfinch:

Recognizable by bright yellow plumage and black accents, common across suburban North America, favoring open weedy areas.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird:

Notable for its all-black body and striking yellow head, frequently seen in Central and Northwestern U.S. during summers.

Common Yellowthroat:

Olive with yellow throats and black face masks, abundant throughout North America except the Southwest, preferring dense vegetation.

Lesser Goldfinch:

Similar in size to the American goldfinch, found in scrubby habitats of the West with males sporting glossy black and yellow plumage.

Scott’s Oriole:

Long, slender birds with black and yellow contrast, inhabiting arid regions of the Southwest, notably associated with yucca.

Eastern Meadowlark:

Adorns eastern grasslands with streaky buff and bright yellow underparts, nesting on the ground in prairies and fields.

Evening Grosbeak:

Wintering in the U.S., these large finches exhibit gray, black, white, and yellow plumage, often found in coniferous forests.

Hooded Warbler:

Identified by olive-yellow plumage with black hoods and yellow faces, inhabiting dense understory of eastern deciduous forests.

Prairie Warbler:

Found in scrubby forests of the Southeastern U.S., characterized by bright yellow with black streaking and chestnut patches.

Western Tanager:

Medium-sized songbirds with bright orange faces, yellow bodies, and black wings, inhabiting western woodlands during spring and summer.

Wilson’s Warbler:

Yellow-bodied with prominent black caps, these birds migrate across North America, favoring shrubby thickets and forest edges.