7 Best Body Sprays for Men, Recommended by Experts

Nautica Voyage Deodorizing Body Spray

The best thing to do to maintain a great scent all day is to layer on Nautica Voyage's Deodorizing Body Spray as soon as you step out of the shower. Its energizing family of top, heart, and base notes—all fruity, flowery, and aquatic—is what earns it the top spot in the category of the finest men's body spray. 

Kenneth Cole Black Body Spray

With its amazing blend of exotic middle notes and fresh, spicy top notes, Kenneth Cole's Black Body Spray for men is the epitome of refinement. It perfectly captures the essence of contemporary men, enveloping them in a zesty, warm, and aromatic scent that ends on a woodsy underlying note. 

Bath & Body Works Ocean Body Spray

Every whiff of Bath & Body Works' Ocean Body Spray is like taking a cool plunge into the clear blue sea. One of the most well-liked body sprays for guys, it has a very manly scent with top notes that are both spicy and fresh. 

Davidoff Cool Water All Over Body Spray

You can easily enhance your grooming game with Davidoff's Cool Water All Over Body Spray, which is what you need in your collection of perfumes. With a surprising touch of fresh grapefruit and spices found at the top of the perfume pyramid.

Guess Seductive Homme Deodorizing Body Spray

Guess's opulent body spray is ideal for men who define masculinity by their charm and sophistication. The way the top notes of this seductive Homme perfume envelope one in their sheer freshness is what has earned it the title of best-smelling men's body spray.

Calvin Klein Euphoria All Over Body Spray

Calvin Klein's Euphoria Body Spray is well-liked and well-received due to its sharp yet seductive scent. With its celebration of woodsy, spicy, fresh, and enigmatic undertones, this best-smelling body spray for men redefines what it means to be a man.

Axe Fine Fragrance Collection Blue Lavender Premium Body Spray

We came onto Axe's Fine Fragrance Collection when searching for the longest-lasting body spray for males. Fittingly named Premium Body Spray, this aroma helps you create a lasting impression everywhere you go with its heavenly overtones of mint and amber.