7 Best Perennial Flowers That Bloom Every Year

Daylily: Daylilies are practically indestructible perennials that flower profusely in sunny spots. They offer a wide range of colors and bloom from early to late season, making them ideal for an all-season flower show.

Barrenwort: Barrenwort is a versatile shade perennial with colorful foliage and flowers. It's drought resistant and slowly spreads, making it perfect for shady areas with dry soil.

Coreopsis: Coreopsis is a reliable perennial that thrives in hot, dry weather, producing large quantities of colorful blooms all summer. With few insect or disease problems, it adds vibrant color to any garden.

Russian Sage: Russian sage adds a burst of color to late summer and fall gardens with its bluish-purple flowers and fragrant foliage. It's hardy and performs well in hot, dry conditions

Hellebore: Hellebores bloom early in the year, bringing welcome color to shaded areas with their nodding flowers. They're deer and rabbit resistant, making them perfect companions for spring-flowering bulbs.

Sedum: Sedums are hardy perennials that require minimal care and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They're heat, drought, and cold resistant, making them ideal for almost any garden.

Baptisia: Baptisia, or false indigo, is a long-lived perennial that produces graceful stalks of colorful flowers. It has attractive foliage and can live for decades once established.