7 Best Types Of Evergreen Shrubs To Grow For Year Round Color

Arborvitae: Masses of soft, fan-like foliage give arborvitae a unique appearance. This tough evergreen is commonly used as a reliable hedge or screening plant and adds evergreen color to mixed borders.

Blue Holly: Blue holly is a dense evergreen shrub with glossy blue-green foliage and bright red berries in fall and winter. It's ideal as a hedge or screening plant and adds winter interest near entryways.

Boxwood: Boxwood creates an easy-care low hedge with its tiny leaves and dense branching habit. It tolerates shearing well and can be sculpted into formal shapes, making it versatile for various landscape designs.

Camellia: Camellia is a slow-growing broadleaf evergreen with large dark green leaves and beautiful winter or early spring flowers. It adds elegance to mixed borders or can be planted together for a flowering hedge.

Common Juniper: Prized for its adaptability, common juniper grows well in challenging conditions. It takes well to pruning and can be trimmed into formal shapes, with low-growing varieties suitable for ground cover.

Dwarf Blue Spruce: Dwarf blue spruce is a slow-growing shrub with blue-gray needles, adding year-round color to any landscape. It's perfect for foundation plantings or mixed shrub borders.

Evergreen Euonymus: Also known as box-leaf or Japanese euonymus, this tough shrub adapts well to various growing conditions. With variegated or dark green foliage, it's suitable for hedges or mixed shrub borders.