7 Cold Dinner Recipes for Quick Weeknight Meals

Buttery shrimp, freshly cooked fish, peak-season corn, and tomatoes fill this main-dish salad. Make it a day ahead and supper is ready in seconds.

Mexican Seafood Salad

Shredded chicken breast is layered atop spinach and watercress in this chicken salad. Topped with zesty lime dressing sweetened with honey and pineapple.

Pineapple-Lime Dressing

Make this easy lobster roll twist for a wonderful treat. Mix lump crabmeat with lemon and Old Bay mayonnaise. Toast buns and serve with your favorite potato chips.

Crab Rolls

Making sushi for supper is exciting for everyone. Just assemble after cooking the rice and fish. Bonus: this dish introduces sushi to youngsters who don't like raw fish.

Baked Salmon Sushi

Fresh veggies dominate these vegetarian sushi rolls. Ginger-flavored rice, cucumbers, carrots, and avocado are piled on nori sheets. Sesame seeds boost healthy fats.

Avocado Sushi

Ginger and scallion delicately spice this delicious poached chicken. Toss shreds with a similar-flavored scallion sauce after chilling the chicken breasts until salad time.

Poached-Chicken Cups

If you want a spa-like meal, try this recipe. Poaching large shrimp in their shells keeps them plump and tender.

Poached Shrimp Honeydew