7 Dermatologist Tips for Fighting Oily Summer Skin

Change Your Moisturizer: Transition to a lightweight moisturizer with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to keep pores clear in humid conditions. Customize your routine by experimenting with combinations of cleansing, moisturizing, and SPF application.

Add in Salicylic or Glycolic Acids: Incorporate salicylic or glycolic acids into your routine to exfoliate and prevent pore congestion. Start slowly to avoid irritation and always use sunscreen as these acids can increase sun sensitivity.

Consider a Retinoid or Retinol: Retinoids and retinols can reduce oil production and improve skin health. Use them in the evening and ensure sun protection during the day to mitigate increased sun sensitivity.

Switch Up Your Sunscreen: Opt for a lightweight sunscreen to avoid pore clogging without compromising sun protection. Experiment with gel-based or oil-free options labeled as non-comedogenic.

Touch Up With Blotting Paper: Use blotting paper to absorb excess oil and reduce shine on your skin, especially in the T-zone, throughout the day.

Try a Little Powder: Dust on bronzing powder or mineral powder sunscreen to absorb oil and refresh your makeup midday. These products can provide additional sun protection and coverage.

Look for Mattifying Products: Use mattifying primers, setting sprays, powders, and foundations to control oil and achieve a smooth, matte finish. Focus on the T-zone or apply all over the face as needed.