7 Herbs And Plants To Add To Your Garden That Help Repel Bugs

Citronella, a popular ingredient for natural mosquito repellents, is a grass that can be planted in the yard.


Lavender's aroma deters mosquitos, and its essential oils repel them for six to eight hours.


While not the first choice for mosquito repellent, marigolds contain insecticidal components and their scent can help keep bugs at bay.


Nasturtiums, vining edible flowers, attract pests away from other plants. They are helpful for protecting cucumbers, tomatoes


Rosemary contains oils that act as an effective mosquito repellent. Easy to grow, it can thrive in a garden, a window box.


Basil leaves have compounds that can kill mosquito larvae before they hatch, potentially reducing the number of mosquitoes in your yard.


Mint contains menthol, which helps repel and control mites, mosquitoes, and various other pests.