7 Scientific Reasons Why Gardening Is Good for You

Gardening Relieves Stress: Cortisol is a naturally steroid which assists your body deal with stress. A Dutch study looked at it and found that gardening after a stressful event helped people feel less stressed more than reading.

Gardening Counts as ExerciseEvery muscle in your body can be used at the same time when you do things like moving plants, making holes, reaching to reach weeds, and pushing the mower.

Gardening Hinders DementiaNot only is farming good for your body, but it's also good for your brain, especially if you want to avoid getting dementia. Brain health is improved by gardening, and one study found that it may lower the risk of dementia by 36%.

Gardening Helps Fight Chronic Conditions Like Heart Disease and DiabetesYou already know that trees need sunshine, but did you know that your body does too? Like many other outdoor hobbies, gardening can give you both good exercise and time in the sun.

Gardening Connects PeopleGardening brings people together with others and fights the health problems that come with being alone. This might just mean talking to people at a nearby plant shop before you start digging.

Gardening Improves Your Mood and Self-EsteemJust being in nature is good for you, and doing things in nature have been shown to improve your happiness. Gardening makes you happier and more positive.

Gardening Helps You Eat a Healthier DietIt can be hard to choose healthy foods, but gardening might help. People who grow fruits, veggies, and herbs also have easy access to foods that are good for them.