8 Animals With Blue Tongues

Chow-Chow Dog

The Chow-Chow dog is a robust, square-built dog native to China with a dark, black-blue tongue and a fluffy coat shaped like a lion's mane.

Blue Tongue Lizard

There is a story that the skink, or blue-tongued lizard, uses its tongue to ward off predators. The remainder of its body is usually colorless, with shades of grey, brown, and cream.


Since there is little shade for giraffes up above the trees, many people believe that giraffes have blue tongues to protect them from the sun's rays.

Pygmy Blue Tongue Lizard

The pygmy blue tongue lizard is the tiniest member of the blue tongue lizard family, which also contains the larger one mentioned above, at only six inches (15 cm) in length.

Polar Bears

The black skin of a polar bear acts as an extension of its tongue, which helps it retain heat from the sun. (The fur is translucent; as a result of light reflection, it appears white.)


Though it only inhabits the deep, shaded tropical Ituri rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, okapis and giraffes are closely related.

Bob-Tailed Blue Tongue Lizard

Tiliqua rugosa, another name for this endemic blue-tailed skink species from Australia, is another name for it. Its triangular head and tail are similar in appearance, which confuses predators.


African mammals called impalas resemble deers and have dark blue tongues that enable them to consume wood, bark, leaves, and stems. They inhabit savannas, low grasslands, and forests in herds.