8 Best Biceps Moves For Strong, Sculpted Arms

Biceps Curl

There's a reason the biceps curl is a classic. This exercise not only strengthens and defines your biceps but also strengthens your grip.

Hammer Curl

You get a lot of bang for your buck because this exercise torched the entire upper arm from every angle. According to Tang, you should also anticipate a burn in your forearms, which is excellent for strengthening your grip.

Wide Biceps Curl

This exercise targets the bicep's short head while consistently striking the arm's angles.

Crossbody Alternating Biceps Curl

This exercise tests your core stability while also strengthening your biceps.

Isometric Biceps Hold

An isometric hold is excellent for enhancing grip strength and endurance, and the time spent under tension promotes muscular growth.

Alternating Bent-Over Row

This exercise primarily works the back muscles, such as the lats, rhomboids, and traps, with the biceps acting as a secondary muscle. She says that the alternating motion works your core as well.

Reverse Fly

The reverse fly strengthens the upper back and stabilizes the shoulders by striking the rear deltoids.

Single-Leg Row

Rowing exercises strengthen your back and core while unilateral work improves your balance and stability.