8 Bob Haircuts That Will Turn Heads

Classic Bob

For a simple, timeless look, try a classic bob haircut. It's usually cut sharp at chin length, giving a sleek and shiny appearance without layers.

Layered Bob

To keep your hair lively and avoid a straight cut, ask your stylist for layers. They can tailor them to suit your face shape, says Suzi Abadjian of Chita Beauty. She suggests adding a fringe for a stylish touch to the classic layered bob.

Shattered Bob

Get a cool new haircut by chopping the ends of your hair for a messy, textured style. It's like a trendy bob with layers for a lively look. Just know, you'll need some styling to keep it looking great!

Shoulder Bob

Consider a shoulder-length bob if you have fine or thin hair. Cutting hair at shoulder level can make it look thicker.

Straight Above-the-Shoulder Bob

"2022 bobs are sleek and neat, not messy. They're cut straight above the shoulder for fullness. Get trims every 6-8 weeks to keep the shape."

Asymmetrical Bob

Short asymmetrical bob: not same length, one side longer, not too edgy. Jagged cut, layers for glam, natural look.


A microbob is a short haircut that touches the chin in the front and the neck at the back. It highlights your face shape, suits any hair, and needs little styling use mousse for volume.

Textured Bob

Bobs aren't just for straight hair. Curly or textured hair can also look great in a bob. It's perfect for thick, wavy hair. It looks neat but adds fullness, so it doesn't lie flat. Michelle Sultan, a hairstylist and brand ambassador, suggests it.