8 High Ponytail Hairstyles for Effortless Glamour

Wrapped High Ponytail

Gabrielle Union demonstrates that a sky-high ponytail doesn't require long hair. Wrap some hair around the elastic at the crown and flip out the ends for a polished look.

Ponytail with Curtain Bangs

Combining two trends, Priyanka Chopra's balloon ponytail with curtain bangs is stylish and voluminous. Section off the ponytail with elastics for added volume and texture.

Loose Low Ponytail

Margot Robbie rocks a romantic loose, wavy ponytail tied low at the nape of her neck. Fluff out the hair for extra volume and a soft, effortless look.

Half-Twisted Ponytail

Zendaya's elegant half-twisted ponytail is perfect for a summer wedding guest. Define the wavy ends with curl cream for a polished finish.

Ponytail with Flipped Ends

Inspired by Ariana Grande, this high ponytail features flipped ends and side-swept bangs for a glam '90s vibe.

Sleek High Ponytail

Joan Smalls opts for a sleek and regal high ponytail, offering a simple yet sophisticated look suitable for various occasions.

Ponytail with Laid Edges

H.E.R.'s ultra-long, low ponytail exudes glamour, complemented by laid edges and a touch of baby hair for extra sleekness.

Simple Low Ponytail

Olivia Culpo's effortless low ponytail, secured at the nape with a middle part, is versatile for casual outings or dressed-up occasions.

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