8 Home Decor Items That Are a Waste Of Money

Affordable Rugs

Interior designers recommend opting for budget-friendly rugs from online stores like Wayfair or Rugs USA instead of splurging on high-end options, offering flexibility for future decor changes.

Cost-Effective Curtains and Rods

Save on customized window treatments by choosing mass-produced options from retailers like Anthropologie or Etsy, and adjusting the size if needed at a local tailor.

Value-Priced Designer Throw Pillows

Rather than spending on expensive designer throw pillows, consider HomeGoods, HomeSense, or TJ Maxx for a wide variety of affordable, stylish options that can be updated seasonally.

Economical Artwork

Instead of pricey mass-produced artwork, look for unique pieces at thrift stores, outlets, or online platforms like Minted, offering quality prints without breaking the bank.

Practical Seasonal Decor

Minimize spending on seasonal decor and focus on versatile items that can be used year-round, suggesting post-holiday sales for budget-friendly options.

Budget-Friendly Hardware

For kitchen or bathroom updates, choose affordable hardware options from companies like San Diego Hardware Company or Rejuvenation, or consider multipacks.

Accessible Sconces

Find reasonably priced sconces under $250 at places like Lulu and Georgia instead of spending hundreds on high-end lighting fixtures.

Cost-Conscious Coffee Table Books

Save on decorating with coffee table books by opting for pre-owned versions from online platforms or local sales, offering aesthetic appeal at a fraction of the cost.