8 Home Trends Boomers Adore, But The World Wants To Forget


Ferns were once ubiquitous and cherished in homes, particularly during the 1990s and 2000s. However, their popularity has waned in recent years, with modern plant enthusiasts preferring other varieties.

Animal Print

Animal prints enjoyed a heyday as a fashionable home decor choice, adding a bold and exotic touch to interiors. However, in 2023, they are viewed as somewhat tacky and have fallen out of favor.

Lace Doilies

Lace doilies were originally used to antiqueize tables and furniture. Boomers appreciate them for their nostalgia and traditional home decor, but millennials think they're outdated.

Mass-Produced Furniture/Art

Mass-produced furniture and art have long been affordable and convenient for budget-conscious homes. However, the negative is seeing the same things in several homes, reducing design originality.

Sponge Painted Walls

Sponge painting walls with various paint colors and uneven patterns became popular in the 1990s. This unique home design method is currently considered outdated and impracticable for modern settings.

Pastel Rooms

Pastel rooms, especially bathrooms, were popular in the 1980s for their relaxing look. Modern decor trends have rejected these colors as old and nostalgic.

Tuscan Kitchens

Early 2000s Tuscan kitchens were known for their warm, rustic Italian cottage style. These kitchens were warm with earthy colors, textured surfaces, and intricate ornamentation.

Carpet in Bathrooms

Homes used to have carpeted bathrooms for a warm feel. Due of moisture retention and cleaning issues, they are currently considered impractical and unclean.