8 Non Binary Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2024

Classic Bowl Cut

Various hair textures and kinds can be used to create a classic bowl cut, a popular androgynous haircut worldwide. If your hair is thin, wavy, straight, or thick, it's forceful and edgy while easy and efficient.

Chic Razored Pixie

Pixie haircuts are an androgynous classic. Short layers and razor graduation create a stunning form in this look. Gently falling layers define the face.

Buzz Cut Pixie

A manly style gets texture from this short androgynous pixie. A buzz cut with short top layers is gender neutral. Use layers and bangs to mix masculine and feminine.

Uneven Undercut Pixie

This androgynous uneven undercut pixie highlights face features. Buzz cuts are simple to maintain. Men with feminine tones have shaved sides and longer top hair.

Wavy Short Length Cut

Short haircuts like this clipped pixie highlight your greatest features. Why do Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne like this hairstyle? This style suits wavy and curly hair.

Timeless Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Long pixie bob is classic. It looks androgynous with choppy top layers and longer sides. It might look more feminine depending on layer length and desired waves and curls.

Middle Part Non Binary Haircut

This short haircut has curtain bangs and a central part. Both men and women can use it to highlight their faces. This is one of the most popular androgynous haircuts for short hair and any hair texture.

Wolf Cut Mullet

Get a wolf cut mullet this year to up your hair game! Choppy top and long back layers define the haircut. This androgynous cut is daring.