8 Shockingly Easy Nail Designs You Can Totally Do at Home

Wavy Reds

According to Meade, this style offers "minimal effort but maximum design." "Like art on your nails, this abstract line design gives a simple yet alluring effect."

White Stripes

Less is more in this situation. These neutral nails with a small white stripe down the middle are so simple and adorable. Oung says, "Apply one to two coats of any nude/neutral color for the base."

Statement Star

Everyone enjoys a classic red manicure, right? It's elevated to a whole new level by the ring finger's straightforward star accent. To achieve stars and many other details you'll find in this collection, pick up this 10-Piece Nail Art Brush Set ($9)

Shimmering Tips

Glam up your naked nails by adding a gold stripe to the tips. Consider using a bold metallic shade such as Gold Dust from L'Oréal's Colour Riche Nail ($6). When worn with gold jewelry, they truly create an impression.

Pastel Mismatch

We adore the feel of pastel nails, and having a variety of shade selections is even more delightful. For a polished nail art style that doesn't demand any difficult precision, mirror the color order on each hand.

Golden Stripes

It's almost too easy to do this nail art. Its striped design, which covers partially painted nails, gives you ideas for how to keep your manicure looking good as it grows out.

Starry Details

Nail stickers are the answer if you want to rock some nail art but lack the steadiest of hands. Olive & June's ($7) Nail Art Stickers are a simple and original manicure option. We can honestly say that we're impressed. 

Gilded Half Moons

In this stylish design, shiny gold and teal come together. Paint two coats of an opaque teal color to replicate, advises Oung. Choose a color similar to Essie Go Overboard ($19).