8 Things To Do in Salt Lake City: A Local's Guide

1. Swimming In Antelope Island State Park

Salt Lake City's finest water attraction is Antelope Island State Park. It is the sole swimmable beach and lake. Summer is the time to swim and sunbathe at this lake.

2. Hiking And Biking In Millcreek Canyon

The Wasatch Mountains have a mysterious canyon. Salt Lake City's closest Jordan River Parkway Trail is Millcreek Canyon. Only this canyon is open year-round.

3. Trek To Ensign Peak

Ensign Peak offers the greatest view of Salt Lake City from 5,417 feet above sea level. The Utah State Capitol is the closest trailhead to this summit.

4. Cycling in City Creek Canyon Road

Salt Lake City is near City Creek Canyon Road. Crossing Utah's canyons by bike is popular. A 10-km canyon route takes an average person over 3 hours to travel.

5. Jordan River Parkway Trail

The Jordan River flows near Salt Lake City. Jordan River Parkway is a picturesque Utah route must-hike. This 64-km route has nice asphalt and walkways.

6. Drive Through Parley s Canyon And Visit Parley s Summit

One of the most thrilling things to do in Salt Lake City is to travel the gorgeous highway 80 route. Best and most gorgeous Wasatch Mountain route.

7. Shop At Foothill Drive

The foothill village is a wealthy Salt Lake City neighborhood. There are about sixty stores offering food, clothing, sports gear, and utilities. This is the best site to get ski gear or snow sports gear.

8. Boating In Salt Lake

Salt Lake City offers boating for enjoyment and adventure. Find a boat for your requirements. For non-rowers, single-mast and sloop boats are suitable for exploring this lake.