8 Top Locations to Spot Foxes Across the USA

Alaska boasts expansive wilderness and diverse wildlife, making it a prime habitat for red and arctic foxes. The arctic fox, adept at blending with snowy tundra by changing coat colors seasonally, showcases remarkable adaptability.


Colorado's diverse landscapes, ranging from mountainous regions to grassy plains, provide ideal habitats for both red and gray foxes.


Maine's dense forests and rocky coasts create perfect refuges for red and gray foxes, offering ample food sources and shelter. Red foxes, adaptable to woodland and urban areas alike, are frequent visitors to rural backyards, especially active during the autumn months as they prepare for winter.


Minnesota's mixed landscapes, encompassing forests, grasslands, and urban areas, provide diverse habitats for red and gray foxes.


Virginia's forests and coastal regions offer favorable conditions for red and gray foxes, integral to maintaining ecological balance by controlling pest populations.


Montana's expansive landscapes, including the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, support a diverse range of habitats for red and gray foxes.


New Mexico's arid deserts and high plateaus provide a dramatic backdrop for spotting the elusive gray fox, known for its climbing prowess and adaptability to semi-arid environments.

New Mexico:

California's diverse ecosystems, ranging from coastal areas to mountainous regions, support thriving populations of red and gray foxes. The Channel Islands are home to the endemic Channel Islands fox, uniquely adapted to island environments and representing a conservation success story.