Ashera Cats

Ashera cats are stunning hybrid cats, mixes of domestic cats, African servals, and Asian leopard cats. Developed by Lifestyle Pets in the 2000s, these cats are extremely large, weighing 26 to 33 pounds, with fur resembling miniature leopards.

Savannah Cats

Savannah cats, mixes of domestic cats and servals, have slender bodies, long legs, large ears, and spotted coats. They are quite active and require patience and training.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are Asian leopard cat-domestic cat mixes, known for their tiny leopard-like appearance and dog-like friendly nature. They are highly intelligent and athletic.

Khao Manee Cats

Originally from Thailand, Khao Manee cats are known for their athletic build and white fur. They are believed to bring good luck and are affectionate and vocal.

Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cats are striking, mostly hairless cats with big ears and haunting eyes. They are playful and mellow, often suitable for people with allergies despite not being hypoallergenic.

Persian Cats

Persian cats are long-haired, mellow cats with flat faces and distinctive short noses. They are one of the most popular breeds, preferring lounging around to running about.

Toyger Cats

Toyger cats resemble tiny tigers, with compact, muscular bodies and tiger-like stripes. They have friendly personalities and are recognized by TICA but not the CFA.

Peterbald Cats

Peterbalds are usually hairless or have soft downy fuzz, with slender athletic bodies, long necks, wide eyes, and large ears. They have dog-like personalities and enjoy spending time with people.

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are known for their tendency to flop like ragdolls when picked up. They are large, friendly, and often follow their favorite people from room to room.