9 Most Popular Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair to Try in 2024

1. Sleek High Ponytail

Let’s take the ponytail game up a notch (literally!) and try this Ariana Grande-esque sleek high ponytail. It adds height to your frame to create an elongated illusion and is ideal for face shapes like round or oval.

2. Half Up Side Braid

With a side braid and a half-updo, this beautiful long hairstyle is sure to turn heads. Not to mention the ombré color, which makes the hairdo even better. The sides that are knotted keep your hair out of your face.

3. 3-Strand Braid  

It's likely that when you're in a hurry to style your long hair, you think of a knot. It looks classy, is quick, and is easy. Get all of your hair together and split it into three parts: three parts: two sides, a middle part

4. Braided Crown

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and Greek haircuts ever! From front to back, split your hair into two parts. For both sides, use the waterfall braiding method to make knots.

5. Dutch Braid  

Another beautiful haircut for long hair is the Dutch braid, which is great for women who work out and have long hair. Get rid of any knots and kinks in your hair by brushing it down. Pull the hair back from the top of your head.

6. Tribal Boho

People with long hair have always been beautiful. It lets you try on a lot of different looks. Long hair is the only way to pull off this tribal boho braided style, and it looks beautiful. There are many braids and curls in this style.

7. Messy Updo  

This is an easy and quick way to make your regular bun look more interesting. Make a fishtail knot with hair from the front on one side. Do the opposite on the other side. Get the rest of your hair together and make a messy bun with it.

8. Waterfall Crown Braid

The world has been turned upside down by this other boho look. To split your hair in half, part it from the front all the way to the back. Form a waterfall braid with each piece. Make a fishtail braid by combining the knots in the back.

9. French Pouf And High Ponytail  

If you want to make your hair look full, this haircut is great for you. It looks pretty cool. If you think it will be hard to do, you should think again! Pull your hair back at the crown and top of your head.