9 Office-Appropriate Hair Colours To Show Your Stylist

Mushroom brown

It's hardly surprising that mauve and mushroom brown hair, which is a low-maintenance style that looks remarkably natural, has been popular since 2018.

Copper bronde

This tone will make a big impression on people. It's bolder than brown but undoubtedly subtler than red. The ideal blend of blonde and brown is called bronde; when you add copper undertones to it, you get the ideal copper bronde, giving you the best of both worlds.

Smoky grey ombre with shadow roots

Go for a lovely ombre or colormelt on your grey hair, like this one, but make sure your roots are darker or more similar to your natural color to minimize the appearance of regrowth.

Pink/purple highlights

In order to make colorful highlights less noticeable on a dark background, add some colour to your black hair to give it some life.

Ash violet

This hair color is very fashionable in Korea and is both dramatic and subtle. In addition, the ash purple tone helps prevent brassiness that results from bleaching dark hair, allowing you to keep the color on your hair longer if you have dark hair.

Classic balayage

This style, which is pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE, produces a soft, natural look that doesn't look half terrible as it grows out. It involves focusing color on the ends and sweeping color towards the crown of the head.

Coco lights

Rich golden and creamy tones contrast with a chocolate brown hair color that's nothing like your mother's box brown. To really bring attention to your features, ask your colorist to apply lighter caramel or cognac tones throughout your face.

Vintage orange

This color, which doesn't require a lot of bleaching, is perfect for people who are seeking for something that won't harm their hair too much because it combines copper with deep, reddish-brown tones. 

Peekaboo purple

The hair equivalent of "business in the front, party at the back" is most likely this. When hair is loose, the purple is almost undetectable; nevertheless, when it is pulled back or arranged in a bun or ponytail, it displays a stunning color that has been concealed.