9 Super Cute Easter Nail Designs

Bunnies & Eggs

A adorable bunny with big ears, tiny pastel polka dots, tiny flowers, and Easter eggs with vibrant decorations, all grinning.

Spring Florals

Choose some timeless springtime flowers for Easter nails that will look great both before and after the festival. With vibrant shades of red, green, yellow, and purple, this artwork is set against a blush pink background.

Speckled Matte Nails With Hearts

This adorable Easter manicure design won't look too overdone on a bunny's snout! Little pastel-colored hearts rest on an opaque white background speckled with black.

Easter Egg Nails

Consider abstract egg nail art instead of real eggs. This stunning pattern has candy-colored strips of sky blue, mint, pastel purple, and baby pink separated by gold ribbons.

Chickadee Mani

Easter is all about bunnies, but young chicks are gorgeous too. Speckled eggs decorate the tips, and each hand has a chickadee nail.

Realistic Butterflies

Speckled nails are another way to channel Easter eggs without being too literal. This pattern is pale lavender with black speckles, but you can mix and match colors to suit your style.

Speckled Nails

This Easter-themed french manicure replaces white tips with bunny silhouettes. This pattern is adorable with the folded ear.

French Bunnies

Can't choose rabbit or chicken? Try the complete barn with this Easter manicure. A speckled base with a hatched chicken, bunny, and fluffy sheep will make everyone go "aww" when they see your mani.

Baby Animal Nails

Choose this marbled pastel Easter mani for an abstract look. Brighter colors than muted tones create a lively effect.