The 7 Best House Pets That Aren t Dogs Or Cats


Hedgehogs are loving and reasonably simple to care for, and they are well-known for their adorable looks and characteristic quills.

Bearded Dragons

It is well known that these reptiles are submissive and that they can develop close relationships with their owners.


If their unique care requirements are met, chinchillas can make wonderful pets due to their silky fur and lively nature.

Sugar Gliders

Notable for their unusual ability to "glide" through the air, these little, nocturnal marsupials are very friendly.


Axolotls, a kind of salamander, are interesting aquatic pets prized for their quirky looks and capacity for regeneration.

Fennec Foxes

Fennec foxes are little, incredibly cute, and distinguished by their big ears and active lifestyle.


If you're not afraid of spiders, tarantulas can make low-maintenance, fascinating pets.