The 8 Most Iconic Nail Polish Colors Of All Time

Essie Ballet Slippers

This iconic pale pink shade from Essie has remained a favorite for over 40 years, adored by celebrities, royals like the late Queen Elizabeth II, and a large customer base. Its appeal lies in its ability to complement various skin tones.

OPI Cajun Shrimp

Known as the perfect vibrant coral, OPI's Cajun Shrimp is celebrated for its lively hue that strikes a balance between pink and orange tones. It has become one of the most popular shades from OPI, particularly favored during spring.

Revlon Red

 A timeless classic, Revlon Red needs no fancy name to stand out. This glossy strawberry red shade has been a staple since the 1930s, offering a universally appealing brightness that outshines many other red polishes. 

OPI Funny Bunny

For those who prefer a softer look, OPI's Funny Bunny delivers with its milky white shade that adds a touch of sophistication and neutrality to nails. Unlike stark white polishes, Funny Bunny offers a subtle, creamy finish.

OPI Big Apple Red

Renowned as one of the most iconic red nail polishes of all time, OPI's Big Apple Red exudes classic elegance. Its true red hue has captivated users for almost 25 years, offering a timeless appeal reminiscent of Old Hollywood starlets.

Chanel Rouge Noir

Debuting at Paris Fashion Week in the mid-1990s, Chanel's Rouge Noir remains a coveted shade for its deep, vampy black cherry color. Ideal for fall and winter, this polish exudes confidence and allure.

OPI Bubble Bath

Introduced in 2001, OPI's Bubble Bath quickly became a bestseller thanks to its sheer nude-pink tone that flatters all skin tones. Its versatility allows it to transition seamlessly from casual to formal settings.

Dior Rouge 999

This nail polish embodies Dior's hero hue, offering a shade of red that is as true and pigmented as it gets. Inspired by Christian Dior's quest for the perfect red to complement his designs, Rouge 999 evokes the glamour.