The Best Low-Maintenance Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Chestnut Brown

Golden chestnut hair may suit medium-brown hair. Nicole Lucero, a colorist at NYC's Mahogany Grace Salon, says chestnut hair is a beautiful shade that ranges from deep reddish brown to light golden brown.

Ombré Balayage

This ombré balayage style is perfect for those who want something natural or less upkeep. Glamour quotes Madison Reed master colorist Shvonne Perkins: Less is more with a subtle ombré look.

Deep Brunette

Perkins says a natural-looking deep brunette is low-maintenance. You'd mostly be using color-depositing conditioners and blue shampoos at home to keep your tone balanced she explains.

Cozy Blonde

The cozy-blonde trend is already begun, and its minimal maintenance makes sense. Michelle Cleveland, famous hair-extension artist and Wella master color specialist, defines cozy blonde as a low-maintenance blonde.

Chestnut Highlights

Chestnut brown with accents is Perkins' low-maintenance, lighter choice. She explains, Chestnut brunette is a natural brown with caramel and golden undertones and loads of rich shine.

Candlelit Brunette

According to celebrity hairstylist and Renaissance Salon & Spa owner Jennifer Korab, Candlelit brunette is a warm and radiant brown hair color that's achieved by adding subtle highlights and lowlights to a brown base; the overall effect is meant to mimic the soft, flickering glow of candlelight.

Honey Melt Blonde

Honey melt blonde, like cozy blonde, is great for blondes that want a low-maintenance tone. Adding honey tones and lowlights in a pirouette pattern around the haircut is honey melt, explains Chicago Maxine Salon hair colorist Lauren Mildice.

Caramel Lowlights

Lucero suggests dying your hair a deep chocolate brown with reddish undertones and using lowlights instead of blonde highlights for a quieter, more luxurious candlelight brunette.