The Best Red Hair Color Ideas to Try Right Now

Cherry Cola Red

This year, Maxine Salon colorist Lauren Mildice predicts cherry cola red everywhere. She says "Cherry Cola is primarily a deep red with brown chocolate undertones and a soft mahogany shading."

Soft Ginger Red

Another big 2024 red hair trend? Soft ginger. Mildice thinks soft ginger is going to be the new hype for spring, adding that it's a fresh start since it's a lighter tone and easy to try on.

Deep Copper

Deep copper is Mildice's recommendation for natural brunettes. She explains, Last fall we saw coppers on a rise like never before, and while I don't see them going away anytime soon, I am noticing different ways we are keeping them on trend.

Pantone Peach

Pantone peach is a milder soft ginger option from Maxine Salon colorist Tina Deeke. Pantone named Peach Fuzz their 2024 color of the year, but hair color professionals have been secretly trending with it, she explains.

Amber Red

Amber red, a warm bropper tint, is accentuated by combining apricot, amber, and browns throughout the hair. Mildice adds, This hue keeps everyone guessing as it reflects variably in the light like an amber gemstone,"

Hot Taki Red

This color flares differently. She believes a murky volcanic flame will give you delicate, strong color. This will trend because it's not as'strong' and neon as red or copper. People with olive or deep complexions suit this hue."

Blood Orange Red

Alex Brownsel, celebrity hairdresser and Bleach London cofounder, sees a rise in vibrant red with blood orange undertones. From fluorescent orange and red to Meredith Duxbury's new blood orange, this may be worn.

Auburn Red

Red and auburn hair colors are the trend in 2024, according to celebrity hairdresser Nicholas Taylor. This year is going to be huge for auburn hair, he predicts. Ciara has stunning auburn hair that I love. Browns and auburns are the year's top color trend.